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Entering Names:
  • To enter the name of a member, type the first few letters of their last name until the name of the person you want is highlighted in the automatically displayed drop down list.  Next press the Tab or Enter key to complete the name.
  • You can also click the field with the mouse to bring up the list and then select a member using the mouse or arrow keys.  Again, press Tab or Enter to fill in the name field with your selection.
  • To enter a name not in the list, simply type it in, last name first and click another field to save what you've typed.
  • Whenever possible, please select names from the list in order to ensure consistency and correct billing.
Recording Guest Rides:
  • For guest rides, enter "Guest Ride" in the Bill To column.
  • In the case of a paid, walk on guest, please enter the amount collected in the Notes column.
  • For redemptions of 3 Ride Certificates, please enter the certificate number in the Notes field.  I.e. "Certificate #: 123".
  • For Convention rides, simply enter "Convention Ride" in the Bill To column.
  • In all cases above, enter the pilot's name in the Instructor / PIC (Pilot In Command) field.
Entry Tips:
  • Use the space bar to toggle the Inst checkbox on or off if not using the mouse.
  • Enter times for takeoffs and landings in any of the following forms: "14:31", "1431", "2:31 PM" or even "2:31p".  All are accepted and all but the first will be converted to the form "HH:MM" in 24 hour format.
  • Altitudes are recorded in feet but can be entered in any of the following forms: "3100" (feet), "31" (hundreds of feet) or "3.1" (thousands of feet).
  • Use Refresh to resort the flight list with completed flights on top and pending (in the air) flights on the bottom. Each group is also sorted by takeoff time.

Internet Connectivity Issues:

  • Data is saved to the server after each change when you move to another field.  While it is being saved, the field's text will turn red briefly and then back to black when confirmation of the save is complete. 
  • If one or more fields remain red, it's an indication that either there was an error with the data entered or the connection with the Internet has been lost.  Until the connection is reestablished in the later case, please DO NOT close or refresh this browser window or the changes in red will be permanently lost. 
  • In the case of outages, you should try to determine the cause and reestablish the connection if at all possible.  Once reconnected, the pending fields should all turn black again within a few seconds as the software is continuously trying to re-save the data.
  • If a connection cannot be reestablished in the case of a complete outage, you will need to record any unsaved data on paper and submit this to the treasurer.